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Research & Development

Curiosity is part of our DNA

Born and raised in an entrepreneurial environment specialised on chemistry solutions for the pulp and paper industry, a needs-based approach to innovation and continuous development has always been a natural part of our business. Because, it is what our customers expects from us. And what adds value to their business.

We believe that our knowledge and experience should be used as a driving force in the continuous development within the pulp and paper industry. Our expertise is founded on a number of core competences and technologies, including surface and colloid chemistry, dispersion technologies, microbiology together with formulation and polymer application skills. BIM core competencies lead to the development of specialty chemical-based concepts, technology and service for the pulp and paper industry’s products and processes.

Our approach to R&D

  • Total commitment to pulp and paper
  • More than one third of our Swedish staff work with R&D
  • 100% focused towards the pulp and paper industry
  • R & D projects derives from actual or future market needs
  • Integration between R&D and sales
  • Close relation to universities

Customer service lab

Professional analytic support

The key function of BIM’s Customer Service Laboratory (CSL) is to provide analytic support to our customers and sales organisation. Results are reported in a customer friendly way and contain information that will facilitate trouble-shooting in discussions with customers or in preparation of trial proposals. Our service-minded staff with focus on customer related problems reflects all the tasks performed at CSL.

New Methods for better paper production

In collaboration with our customer and in close contact with our R&D department and sales force, the CSL is also involved in developing new methods or improving existing ones to be able to detect and measure important parameters in mill related environments.

Our in-house pilot paper mill

At Stenkullen we have our own pilot paper mill with a complete paper machine with its own pulp preparation system. The PMX 2000 can operate with three different head boxes and it can also run as a Yankee or Four Drinier. It is also equipped with a size press and calander stack so that a wide number of grades from printing and writing to newsprint and packaging can be simulated.

In addition to running experiments for research and development, it has been used, and is available to run selected customer service trials. The versatility offered by the PMX 2000 is a very powerful tool when identifying development needs or opportunities, which are simply not possible with a full-scale paper machine.

We focus on what we know best and reinvest all our resources in the pulp & paper industry