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Code of Conduct


BIM is committed to conducting business in a sustainable and responsible manner – in the interest of the company, its staff and the public. As a medium-sized family-owned company, we are a part of society in all the regions in which we operate. Adherence to applicable law and regulations of the respective countries is the basis for cooperation. Furthermore, we respect the cultural, social, political and legal diversity of societies and nations. Our operating values and corporate philosophy are laid down in “BIM’s Little Green” and “BIM’s Code of Conduct”. They represent a commitment for all employees with respect to their own conduct within the company and their dealings with the outside.

The code of conduct is e.g. based on the ten principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact SDGs ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. When we select our Suppliers and other Business Partners, we expect from them that they too act in accordance with our Code of Conduct, as laid down in “BIM’s Supplier Code of Conduct”. In all business, they should work towards ensuring that their business partners and subcontractors also recognize these principles.

Full version of Supplier code of conduct


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General Data Protection Regulation

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