About BIM

We develop, manufacture, apply and supply functionality concepts, technology and service for the pulp, paper, board and cellulose fiber based industries´ products and processes.

BIM in Brief
Family business
BIM was founded in 1973 by Peter Wållberg and is today a family business, owned by the Wållberg family.

Entrepreneurial company
The company has been listed four times among Europe’s top 500 of fast growing entrepreneurial companies.

Managing director
Anders Rietz

BIM has approx. 200 employees worldwide.

Research & development
BIM is a research intensive enterprise. Spending approx. 8 - 12% of sales on R & D, the company is in the same league as large pharmaceutical producers.

Head office in Sweden
The head office is in Stenkullen, near Göteborg, Sweden, where you also find central R&D, customer service lab and one of our 6 production centres.

Local operations
BIM has local operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, France, South Africa and agents and distributors in most other pulp and papermaking countries.

Company culture
We are devoted to the “BIM Spirit”, a company culture based on commitment, hard work, innovation and customer intimacy.

Quality assurance, environment, health and safety
Local operations are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We are associated with the Responsible Care programme.

 BIM Sponsors the project:
BIM Kemi AB 


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