Work at BIM
BIM has about 200 employees. We aim to be the employer of choice throughout the company, demonstrating quality in leadership and encouraging knowledge transfer and worker involvement.

”It's easier to reach good results when you have fun”

Our rapid growth has provided BIM with a special company culture with high level of creativity, willingness to change and think creatively. We call it our BIM Spirit - a unique state of mind and one of the keys to our success. These factors have helped develop a goal-oriented and flexible organization that is enthusiastic and takes pleasure in its work. Fun at work creates motivated, successful people.

BIM is a network & project organization and a lot of work is done cross border and cross functional in different teams. We always strive to build a team with the people best suitable for the task, no matter their position or location.

This means that there are numerous of career opportunities for you which not only are within the line organization. You also have opportunities to grow cross border and cross functional in the network organization or by taken part in different projects.

"Together we work to create a better life for ourselves and for our customers"

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