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We invest in people, because people equals knowledge.

We provide specialty chemical solutions for pulp and paper. But that is not all. With innovative thinking and a true passion for our work, we are committed to take on the challenges you put forward. Through extensive in-house research and by constantly seeking to discover and develop new ways to sustainably utilize the natural raw materials, we help people, products and industries to improve and push boundaries.
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Our color has always been green. Our chemistry is green too.

We are systematically phasing out fossil based raw materials in favor of bio based ones. Henceforth our raw materials will primarily come from forestry, agriculture, the sea or from waste.
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Your challenges, our mission

The pulp and paper industry is facing many challenges – tougher environmental regulations, stronger competition and new technologies, to mention some. This is where BIM can provide an advantage. With innovative solutions and specialized applications, we can support you in developing successful and sustainable products that will improve and sharpen your competitive edge.

Experience based knowledge

Many of our experts and teams have a professional background in the pulp and paper industry. This means that we have a clear understanding and deep insights of the industry’s position and your every-day challenges. Together we develop your competiveness and profitability.

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